Thursday, 21 May 2015

smafter effects

Removing two rigs from a 16 second animation was completely fine, but removing one teeny rig from a 2 second animation? Awful. So many teeny masks! 

I feel like I've learnt more about After Effects/Premiere/Photoshop more this week than the rest of the course. I was slightly rushed while animating the final performance, so I wanted to combined one of my tests which was only 9 frames with my final, and I somehow managed it easily! Also while animating this scene, I kept knocking the cake, even though it was stuck down it would still slightly move. So I gave up, and decided to edit it in afterwards. 

cake cake cake.

Backgrounds for this kinda slipped my mind, and my attempt of drawing something on photoshop failed miserably. I got this far and then just realised I was wasting my time. 

SO I asked my lovely friend/housemate Sydney Isaac if I could use her bakery environment as a background. I think they went quite well together. ^_^ 
I made a blackboard, and a little poster for my own attempts, so not to make it a complete waste of my time I decided to put them in. ^_^

For my rollercoaster animation, I filmed with the set floor and background green screened so I could easily edit the background video in, but that's the boring part. You might remember that in my sleepy state I named my website 'Laura on Toast'. Then while animating this animation, the word rollercoaster turned into rolla toaster! Toasterrrr! So I made a quick little logo for the rollercoaster stills.
I'm really really sleepy.

And that's it for After Effects folks!

So. Much. Rig. Removal.

I've spent the past two weeks animating, editing everything, while spending last week at work experience at the wonderful Trampires working on Chuck Steel, so yeah I'm totally cream crackered! 
I've spent so long on After Effect the last couple of weeks, I felt like I should at least one post about it. 

Removing two rigs out of a 16 second animation. Ouch.

When the character falls off, I wanted the camera to shake. Honestly I couldn't explain how I did it, so yeah, here's a printscreen of it. All I can remember is that I had to type 'wiggle'. Proper coding like. 

Ultimate Image!

I'm so so happy with how my hoverboard animation turned out, considering how awful it was to animating. (Two rigs, ugh) So I decided to use it in my ultimate image! 
And here's the final ULTIMATE image! 

Quick catch-up!

I've spent the last two months or so animating away and completely forgot to blog about the rest of the puppet making. So this is just a little catch up post. ^_^

The final performance is meant to involve a character interaction, which means two puppets! Below are photos of the hands half way through being made, along with a photo of one of the armatures. I was pretty happy with the hands, until I realised way way wayyy too late (while animating) that they were way too big for the puppets. Oops.

I carved and glued two bits of balsa wood around some k&s to start sculpting the characters heads. They're no where near perfect, but they're getting slightly better each time! (Look at the teeny ears!)


Making the hair out of FIMO is always my favourite part. Last year my character had crazy blue Princess Leia hair (which I made on May 4th. Best timing.) Below are photos of the heads with hair, and the padding for the girl character!


I took so many photos while making, but then I dropped my phone once or five times and the SD card got a teeny bit damaged, so tra photos...
Below are the puppet with their clothes! ^_^ 

So much sass. 
(Grand Budapest Hotel fans, does the cake look familiar?)