Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"Do the stars gaze back?" Now that's a question.

SO it's the 13th so here's another post! The only thing I've done that's blog worthy is go to Scotland, where the plan was to do spend the majority of my time drawing. But ya know what, it's really hard to draw outside when its crazy windy or raining. 

I'll try to make next months post a bit more exciting, promise.

(Below: Loch Lomond)

(Below: Eilean Donan Castle. Man I love castles.)

(I think these were quick sketches from outside my window in Skye?)

("Anything off the trolley dear?" Took a train that went over the Glenfinnan Viaduct ^_^)

(Below- Found the Loch Blez Monster.)

So this day we unknowingly went to two locations that were used in Stardust. The Quiraing and the Fairy Glen.


again! ^_^

Literally the prettiest place I've ever been to.

Coral beaches are the best kind of beaches.

Alnwick Castle/Actual Hogwarts. ^_^ 

I think I fell in love with Edinburgh and their Museum. 

Geology rocks.

(I think I was trying to copy the dinosaur?)

I'll try to do some decent drawings from the thousands of photos we took at some point. 
I miss Scotland.
(Four months til New Zealand.)