Sunday, 1 February 2015

A baker for bread, and a Prince for... whatever..

The first thing I had to make was a teeny bakers hat for my armature!
So firstly to make the band for the hat, I measured a stripe of white felt around the armatures head, and then sewed material over the top. 

To create the top of the hat, I had to ruffle the bottom of the white felt, then sew it onto the hat band. 

The hat band ends were then sewed together, and put inside out so I could sew a ruffle into the top of the hat. 

Then I turned the hat the right side out and ta daaa! 

Oh, and I've also made a little cake stand for the animation too. This was super quick too make so kinda tempted to make another, neater one. To give me something to mould the clay around I used balsa wood. Then used FIMO oven clay to do the rest!