Monday, 15 May 2017

The longest post. Ever.

It's gone 2am and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on til 4am so thought what a good time to get back into blogging?

I've been back in the country for about 5 months, and things have been kinda weird, so I've avoided blogging because it would've ended up turning into a diary, which so isn't the purpose of this. (The main purpose being my lazy way of backing things up.) 

I miss NZ.

Not going to bore you with the details, but ooo look, photos! ^_^

Mclean Falls. Not featured = The puppy I met here. <3 p="">

Very subtle.

(I'm a bit of a coin collector/loser.)
They have the coolest coins!

Their birds are way cooler too.

And the food. (The Batch pancakes = literally heaven on earth.)

Lewis ruining everything.

Mavora Lakes? (LOTR was apparently filmed somewhere way over there.)
We walked alllll the other to the other side of the lake. ^_^

Stomp stomp stomp.

Milford Sound, second photo taken over a week after the first one. That new Alien film was filmed here too. ^_^

On the way to Tekaaaapo.

Outside Queenstown? 

Mount Cook. So cloudy, yet still got sun burnt. 

We saved the Wildlife Park for the last day, which was a great idea because who's thinking about going home when you're surrounded by animals?? Also bad idea because we were basically counting down the days to go there.

(Cookies and Cream. Aw. ^_^)

Keas are such curious little buggers. They're basically the ASBOs of New Zealand, but still way cuter than Kiwis. 

They really like biting. Tip: Don't wear a t-shirt with holes in.

Me =

I have a billion more photos, but the more I post the bigger the urge to book another flight.

And of course, here's some doodles. :}

Then I came home. Super jet-lagged. Super ill. Lots of bad. That's all I'm going to be saying on that.  
Blog, not diary. 

2017 is the year of the Rooster and also the year I got really into origami. I kinda used it as my way to try and get creative again, while using my brain and hands. 

oo felt origami.

Spent Valentine's day with this gal. Seriously if you get a chance, see Kate Nash live. Shes bonkers.


Breakfast Club in London on pancake day. :} 

After drinking Butterbeer at the Harry Potter Studios. Happy happy happy. 

We also went to a cat cafe. Cats and coffee, literally my happy place. 

HP doodle.

I've lost count of how many times I've seen Laura Marling. Forever my favourite.

Needle felted a little planet Earth while watching Black Mirror. I couldn't decide if it was cuter with a happy or sad face!

Massive news: That piece I started years ago and kept getting bored with is finally finished!

Birthday weekend was the best. Saw Royal Republic in London, watched my ffrind get attacked by butterflies, came home to curry and cake. ^_^

Made this little witches hat that's full of lavender for my car. It hasn't made me any better at driving.

2016/17 were so expensive. New bed, NZ, new car. Then I decided to spend the rest of my money on a new laptop (Surface Book). I can draw straight on to the screen AND take the screen off and just use it as a tablet! Seriously who needs a cintiq?? So we all this excitement I decided to join the world of Creative Cloud. So here's my Disney-fied face thanks to Photoshop, and the first gif I've ever made thanks to Illustrator and After Effects.

Me being me, trying to learn just one thing isn't enough. Along with CC, I'm getting back into embroidery. 

'Take your broken heart, make it into art.' - Carrie Fisher
Art therapy man. Love it. 

Here's the second embroidery of this year. 
La Luna. 

Now we're all caught up!