Thursday, 21 May 2015

smafter effects

Removing two rigs from a 16 second animation was completely fine, but removing one teeny rig from a 2 second animation? Awful. So many teeny masks! 

I feel like I've learnt more about After Effects/Premiere/Photoshop more this week than the rest of the course. I was slightly rushed while animating the final performance, so I wanted to combined one of my tests which was only 9 frames with my final, and I somehow managed it easily! Also while animating this scene, I kept knocking the cake, even though it was stuck down it would still slightly move. So I gave up, and decided to edit it in afterwards. 

cake cake cake.

Backgrounds for this kinda slipped my mind, and my attempt of drawing something on photoshop failed miserably. I got this far and then just realised I was wasting my time. 

SO I asked my lovely friend/housemate Sydney Isaac if I could use her bakery environment as a background. I think they went quite well together. ^_^ 
I made a blackboard, and a little poster for my own attempts, so not to make it a complete waste of my time I decided to put them in. ^_^

For my rollercoaster animation, I filmed with the set floor and background green screened so I could easily edit the background video in, but that's the boring part. You might remember that in my sleepy state I named my website 'Laura on Toast'. Then while animating this animation, the word rollercoaster turned into rolla toaster! Toasterrrr! So I made a quick little logo for the rollercoaster stills.
I'm really really sleepy.

And that's it for After Effects folks!

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