Tuesday, 13 September 2016

beep beep

I barely have anything to post about this month, as I've actually been working or stressing over my driving test. (which I passed ^_^) 

I still haven't finished that Carrie drawing, but this is where it's at at the moment. I can spend hours on it and it'll look EXACTLY the same. 

I've also started a new needle felt project. ^_^ I loved making little felted hover boards, so I wanted to try and keep a theme going on. Which is apparently fictional transport! (because hover boards are still fictional. If you can see the wheels ITS NOT HOVERING)

I think I'm going to end up embroidering this more than felting, the pattern is so pretty, I dont wanna make it too simple! Still at the beginning stage, but so far I've drawn a rough sketch on the pattern, then attempted to make it a bit simpler.. 

Then painted the simpler design with water colours, because whyyyyy not. My hand was a bit twitchy while painting the background colour so I'll probably ink the outline to make it look a bit less of a mess. 

If I actually get to the stage of making it I wanna put wire in the middle so it can be put into different poses. ^_^ 

(2 Months til NZ!)