Monday, 16 March 2015

'Shark still looks fake.'

My first animation planned involves a hover-board, and being a huge Back to the Future fan I've never been so excited to make a prop before! Its without a doubt the coolest thing I'm ever going to make!

Here's the making process! ^_^

I dug two little holes out of the balsa wood so I could glue magnets for the armatures feet.

Then I glued the little extra bit of wood to give the board a better shape.

Then the rest was all needle-felted! I cut the purple felt slightly smaller than the board, and then started to needle-felt the pattern into it.

So the board will be able to look like its hovering with the magic of After Affects a rigging point was needed so I glued two bits of K&S to the bottom pattern and covered it with grey felt circles.

When both sides were finished I needle felted them to sheets of bright pink felt and cut around the pattern, leaving a boarder of pink felt. 

Then to finish I sewed both of the sheets of felt together around the wood. Here it is finished. :}

Oh, and heres how the rig attaches to the board! Pretty nifty right? 

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